Regal 8-way digital TV splitter for cable CATV antenna GRS8DGV
Brand/ Manufacturer: Regal M/N: GRS8DGV Connection Split/ Duplication: 1:8 DC Pass: No Feat..
Regal DRGB-81LP 2.4GHz Low Profile Ground Block Coaxial Cable
Brand/ Manufacturer: Regal M/N: DRGB-81LP Description: F Ground Block.  Used in CATV..
Regal RDCT10-6 Coaxial Splitter 5-1000Mhz
Brand/ Manufacturer: Regal Type: Splitter Connector Connector A: Coaxial F Female Connector B: Co..
RG6 Pico Macom Tru Spec F-71 Male to Male Splice Connector 100 pcs
Male to Male splice connector features 3/8-32 UNEF threads and bright acid tin plating. Made in Taiw..
RG6 Type F Smooth Connectors 205127 - Compression Type 50 PCS
Compression Smooth F-Type RG6 Connector Model # 205127.  Filled with Water Proof O-Ring. H..
Tradewind International 2 GHz Drop Grade Diplexer DPLX2G-DG
Brand/ Manufacturer: Trade Wind International M/N: DPLX2G-DG Features:  Combine or split s..
Tradewind International HR S2 2-way Splitter
Brand/ Manufacturer: Tradewinds International Features: 2-way splitter 5-2500 MHz All port pow..
Tru-Spec UVSJ UHF VHF Band Separator/Combiner for Antenna (UVSJ)
This part allows the use of separate UHF and VHF antennas for better reception. It can separate the ..
Monster Cable Standard Precision 2 Way SS2 RF Cable Satellite TV splitter 5-1000 MHz
table { }td { padding-top: 1px; padding-right: 1px; padding-left: 1px; color: black; fo..
PDI Scrambling Encoder Supreme Series PDI-60ENC Channel 22
You are buying a PDI Scrambling Encoder Supreme Series PDI-60ENC pre-programmed for channel 22...
Perfect Vision PVDP3 40-2300 MHZ Diplexer
This diplexer from Perfect Vision is a high performance device with outstanding specifications. It s..
SVI Digital 2 Way Coaxial Cable/Satellite Splitter SV-2G 5/1000MHz
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SVI Digital 3 Way Coaxial Cable Satellite Splitter SV-3G 5-1000MHz
table { }td { padding-top: 1px; padding-right: 1px; padding-left: 1px; color: black; ..
Time Warner DCG-6TW Directional Coupler
An item that has been previously used.Please note, this is a GENUINE original part and not a cheap r..
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