Brand: NEC
Product Code: NEC-FD3238T
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Brannd/ Manufacturer: NEC Corporation

M/N: FD3238T

S/N: G7CM41KJ3156

P/N: 134-508053-222-0

UPC: 09H570-17601-41J-J3G6


  • suited to the notebook and lap-top size, compact personal computers and word processors
  • Low profile, light-weighted body (thickness: 15mm) with sufficient shock resistance and high reliability


  • Dimensions (DxWxH):135 x 105 x 15mm
  • Disk rotational speed: 300 rpm
  • Data Transfer Rate: 500KB/sec
  • Media: High density (2HD) or normal density (2DD) 3.5" micro floppy disk
  • Average Access Time: 3ms
  • Track density: 135tpi
  • Usage: For notebook, lap-top/notebook size FDD. For 3.5" diskette data storage


  • Dell Optiplex GX240, GX260, GX270



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