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Brand: Toshiba

Manufacturer: Tamura

MPN: G71C00011121

P/N: HBL-0291, E-P1-50155

Specifications: For use with both 14.1" & 15" LCD Display Screen. Standard 9-pin connector

Suited for use in a wide range of Laptop models, including:

  • DynaBook CX/3214CMSW   
  • Portege A100 PPA10A-0002LP    
  • Portege A100 series   
  • Portege S100 series   
  • Satellite A10 PSA10L-024F3P   
  • Satellite A10 PSA10L-033X4P   
  • Satellite A10 PSA10L-0FT9PP     
  • Satellite A10 Series   
  • Satellite A10-S127   
  • Satellite A15 Series     
  • Satellite A20 Series   
  • Satellite A20-S259   
  • Satellite A25 Series    
  • Satellite A25-S207   
  • Satellite A40 PSA40L-062UG  
  • Satellite A40 PSA40L-064FK     
  • Satellite A40 Series   
  • Satellite A45 Series  
  • Satellite A45-S250 
  • Satellite A50 Series 
  • Satellite A55 Series 
  • Satellite M30 PSM30L-7101S 
  • Satellite M30 Series     
  • Satellite Pro M10 PS630L-1V2GQP  
  • Satellite Pro M10 PS630L-G2068P
  • Satellite Pro M10 PS630L-G207LP  
  • Satellite Pro M10 PS630L-G207LP
  • Satellite Pro M10 Series
  • Satellite S2450-202  
  • Tecra A2 series  
  • Tecra M2 PTM20A-0PK1D 
  • Tecra M2 PTM20U-0040L7 
  • Tecra M2 series    
  • Tecra M2V PTM2VL-000J8 


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